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Compliance Program

Votorantim Cimentos has a strong commitment to operate ethically and in compliance with laws, guidelines and regulations. The company’s conduct guidelines are part of the Votorantim Group‘s Code of Conduct, a document that is inspired by the group’s values and beliefs and that establishes the principles that serve as the foundation for relationships among stakeholders. In order to ensure that all Votorantim Cimentos employees follow and respect the complex regulatory framework of the countries where they operate, we developed a brochure that formalizes the company’s commitment to the Compliance Program. Anti-corruption and antitrust policies have been implemented, and legal agreements, contracts, licenses and other items are being monitored periodically. Communication campaigns, training and tools have been developed and improved to support the documents, allowing the Votorantim Cimentos team to more quickly identify inappropriate behavior, infractions or oversights and, consequently, take appropriate measures to remedy them.

Ethics Line

The ethics line is a public channel and open to all, inside and outside the organization. Its purpose is to identify, listen, analyze and solve any issue related to our Code of Conduct. The ethics line is managed to ensure privacy and confidentiality. No information obtained through this channel nor the identity of the people involved in the claim become public.

The ethics line is an exclusive channel of communication between stakeholders and Votorantim Cimentos. Its purpose is to address issues related to the Code of Conduct, which contains the principles and guidelines that guide Votorantim‘s relationships with all its stakeholders and it ensures that complaints, suggestions and criticisms are addressed at the appropriate levels of the organization.

Compliance Program

Last Update on December 15, 2016

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