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Compliance Program

At Votorantim Cimentos, we are committed to customer success through excellence, and we know that excellence will only be achieved if we act with integrity, ethics and transparency. That is why our Values and Code of Conduct reinforce our commitment to compliance. We expect our employees at all levels - from operational functions to the board of directors - as well as shareholders and partners to follow the guidelines of the Code of Conduct and to comply with all laws, regulations and policies in all regions and countries in which we operate.

We are constantly searching for best practices, encouraging the fight against corruption and illustrating the damages caused by others in the political, economic and social spheres. In that way, we disseminate the breadth and relevance of this issue among our customers, employees, directors, shareholders, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders from government, media and communities, resulting in the protection and preservation of values for society and, consequently, for our company.

At Votorantim Cimentos, we prohibit any payment for favors, facilitation or offer of any advantage to public officials or government authorities, for any purpose. This includes contributions in the form of monetary donation, goods or services for campaigns or political causes, as well as receiving and offering free gifts, providing entertainment and hospitality, and extending corporate invitations. Everyone must always respect the guidelines set out by our Code of Conduct.

Since 2013, we have maintained a Compliance Program, with communication and training campaigns aimed at all employees and directors. We monitor the effectiveness of the program regularly, and take the necessary measures in case of infractions or oversights. We also encourage the reporting of any suspected wrongdoing through our Ethics Line, and we do not tolerate any type of reprisal. This channel - public and open to all, inside and outside the organization - constitutes a way to make complaints in a confidential and anonymous way. All reports are investigated and addressed in accordance with internal policies and current legislation.

Our programs and policies are constantly evolving, consolidating good practices and adapting our company to changes in our society.

Ethics Line

The ethics line is a public channel and open to all, inside and outside the organization. Its purpose is to identify, listen, analyze and solve any issue related to our Code of Conduct. The ethics line is managed to ensure privacy and confidentiality. No information obtained through this channel nor the identity of the people involved in the claim become public.

The ethics line is an exclusive channel of communication between stakeholders and Votorantim Cimentos. Its purpose is to address issues related to the Code of Conduct, which contains the principles and guidelines that guide Votorantim‘s relationships with all its stakeholders and it ensures that complaints, suggestions and criticisms are addressed at the appropriate levels of the organization.

Compliance Program

Last Update on August 07, 2017

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